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Black Legend Awards FAQ

6. How can someone be nominated for an awards?
All nominee must be recommended, cannot be self-nominate themselves.
Click here to download the nomination instructions..

7. Who will receive the profits from the Black Legend Awards - Silicon Valley?
The profits from the fundraising event will be used for the establishment of the future Black History Museum - Silicon Valley.
8. What type of organization can become a profit-sharing business partner?
Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organizations
Not-for-Profit Organizations
9. Where can I purchase tickets to attend the 2nd Annual Black Legends Awards (BLA) - Silicon Valley Ceremony?
  • Date: February 2017, Black History Month, the actual date to be announce on BLA website
  • Location: To be announce on the BLA website
  • Attire: Black-Tie Evening/Formal
10. Who do I contact for more information?
For more information contact, info@blacklegendawards.org
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